Patent Preparation and Prosecution


Domestic: all aspects of U.S. patent preparation and prosecution including drafting and filing utility, provisional and design patent applications; re-examination, reissue and correction of previously granted patents.


Foreign: directing foreign associates in prosecuting international patent applications to maximize the scope of rights, including applications in China, Russia, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and Canada.


Patent Enforcement and Litigation


Pre-suit due diligence


Patent Infringement Contentions




Infringement and Validity Analysis


State of the Art Studies


Design-around assistance


Due Dilligence associated with mergers and acquisitions


Trademark Acquisition


Mark availability searches & Counseling


Filing and Prosecuting Trademark applications


Trade Secrets


Counseling to identify and protect trade secrets


Employee agreements


Copyright Counseling


Identification of copyrightable aspects of works

Licensed in Ohio, Michigan, and the U.S.
Patent & Trademark Office



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